UDC: Def Real Partition

The Undeniable Drama Codex has been collecting data since the early days of social media. Our case files cover petabytes and petabytes of data, all housed in a dedicated server farm in a New Mexico black site.

So, showing you the depth and breadth of our research is impossible, but we can still give you some small display of our power. About two months ago the predictive algorithm started making noise about two crews of Internet youths: Team Zander and Team Takedown.

Density acoustics suggests that the coming confrontation between these two groups will create the right kind of environment to use predictive drama analysis. The UDC will get out ahead of the action so that you may follow the drama before it even happens.

This dramaburst is going to be so big that it will have blowback into people who are not involved in any way with the major players. We’ve run the numbers five, six times now and they’re clear: the audience will flow from the TZ/TT beef and into four entirely unrelated lives. They are:

  • A bodybuilder who buys a weight bench with a disturbing past
  • A woman from 1998 who is experimenting with untested designer drugs
  • Yuppie landlords
  • A young man whose life is a series of self-validating epiphanies

We’re also getting data on interlocutors including a special effects mercenary, an outrageous new exercise craze and a beauty queen. We will comment on these threads as they become more clear.

Please stay tuned here, or follow our twitter account at @DramaCodex for advance news of all the news of shameful happenings around what will certainly be the most definitely real discomposure of 2020.

Author: UndeniableDramaCodex

The Undeniable Drama Codex is the Internet’s fastest way to isolate, track, and predict social media disturbances as they happen. Our founder, J. Dout’s incredible analysis uses complex systems management to stay one step ahead of stories of dubious and low intrigue. Contact ask today to ask how your brand, business, or public persona can benefit from the Undeniable Drama Codex’s unique research. Ask for a consultation today!

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