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In addition to the case study with Team Takedown, the Drama Codex is studying a number of other dramatic developments across social spaces. I’ve been over the numbers a few times with my team, and I think we can say with certainty these cases are going to be the drama to follow in the coming weeks. I’m popping open a bag of loaded BBQ baked potato popcorn for this devastating display of misfortune and you should, too.

I’m on my ninth cup of coffee this morning, so please excuse the titles I gave these cases. We have…

The Curse of the Secondhand Weight Bench
Belief in the supernatural is quite a lift.

The Curse of the Secondhand Weight Bench! Trevor, a bodybuilder, was looking for a bargain. He found the perfect bench on Craigslist, but are the gains worth it?

Dramatic Index Rating: Silver. Trevor has a colloquial writing style and he overshares his feelings in spite of his oafish nature. This has a +6 chance to go viral, following the classic “cycling moonrabbit” pattern of social engagement.

The Apartmentshed that Breathed. Landlords want to house everyone in the world, but at significant profit to themselves. What happens when wealth-extraction crosses paths with landlords who are extremely particular about the air you breathe?

Dramatic Index Rating: Ochre. I predict this unassuming apartment will soon make a name for itself, following a “prisoner’s gambit”-style engagement structure. We caught this post before it was flagged and removed but something tells me we haven’t heard the last from these rent-seekers.

Wait… This is what we call a “sleeper hit” in the business of drama research. This is an item from the early Internet and it remained obscure until it was unearthed decades later. In this engagement, psychonauts from the psycho-aughts experiment with an obscure drug called “Wait.” It is a potent psychedelic with effects few people can qualify. One of the few mysteries left on the old web, hosted here in the interest of preservation.

Dramatic Index Rating: Whistling Yellow.


— Dout

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