UDC Case Files Pt. 2: Bunnies, Weights, Wait, and Landlords

Good afternoon, everyone! Are you ready for a big heapin’ helping of data? As predicted, the stories we followed earlier in the week went through a blue shift in terms of engagement. We are now entering an escalation phase, the “second act” for all you humanities majors out there.

Do it!

The Curse of the Secondhand Weight Bench. In his groundbreaking book, Embarrassment Dialectics: Decoding the Phenomena of Digital Humiliation, superstar researcher J. Dout (me) suggests that PPV (public, personal vulnerability) is the hallmark of heavily-engaged content. Trevor is feeling pretty low right now. He’s fighting forces he doesn’t understand, and the mods at r/NoSleep deleted his initial post, further alienating him from the brotherhood of humanity.

This triggers in you, the reader, a cathartic pituitary spurt of endorphins. All these things can be expressed with weights and measurements. The UDC will not cease until all qualitative expressions of shame are dissected and catalogued.

The Apartmentshed that Breathed. *There is an inverse relationship to one’s guilt against the amount of shame they should experience. This is why your boss cries about the complicated emotions they’re experiencing as they lay you off. This is why cops feel under-appreciated by society even as society allows them to kill with impunity. The shame/guilt quotient is one of the most powerful tools in drama research. And today we’re pleased to see our landlords are doubling down.

*Update: Team Takedown has hacked the reddit thread in r/Landlords because they love landlords. You can read the original post here.

Wait… We cannot underestimate the role of credulity in drama research. Earlier, we found a post on Erowid about a suspicious drug called Duramamine. Urban legends are like catnip to cops , who never miss a chance to capitalize on a moral panic. Narcotics officers with LaPD created a dramatic play about the harmful effects of Wait. This cassette was discovered at a thrift store and illustrates a credulity factor that is remarkable even for the police.

Oh! There’s some cute arts and crafts to accompany the play. Color and cut out your own Happy Fluff Bunny mask! That’s sweet. 😀

That’s all for today.

— Dout

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