Hello, everyone. Apologies for yesterday’s strangeness. I was automating posts while combing the Undeniable Drama Codex for bugs, an endeavor that has humbled me. I made a mistake by trying to predict someone’s death. After the week of disappointing results from the UDC, I guess I got carried away when I saw something that looked like a surefire bet. 

Above: Wasted venture capital that must be avenged.

Regardless of what happened, my behavior was out of line and I should have more respect for people and the losses they experience. Additionally, I apologize for the following incorrect predictions:

Zander and Dave King were brothers.
— A compromising selfie would end up on the cover of Emet’s Crossing News
— A prank in a fast food drive-thru would end in a fistfight
— Zander would bounce back from his identity theft in a heartwarming scene where his friends and neighbors pass around a hat, filling it with cash
— One of the characters has connections to an illegal miniature pony race
— The appearance of a missing uncle
— A waterslide
— Someone taking a breath, listening to reason, and committing to being less toxic
— The Codex, standing alone with vast and stupefying architecture as it metes out all drama in this world and a billion others. A malign and terrible intelligence who rewards and punishes based on the whims of a grim algorithm that no one, not even its vainglorious and bald creator can understand.

It’s all bunk.

That said, I do not apologize for how this experiment is going. In fact, I think I realize the reason why so many of the UDC’s predictions have not come to pass. You will never convince me that I was the cause. Just check out this great press I’m getting!

As of right now I am going into every line of code in the UDC and finding what points it toward unrealistic, untrue outcomes. I am going to debug this thing inside and out, and you’ll soon see that I was pretty much right about everything, even if the initial predictions were disappointing. 

Please stop harassing me on Twitter. I already said I was kinda sorry. 

At the end of the day, the stuff I got right will outweigh the things I got wrong. For example, I know that at 1:30p.m. PST, you will want to tune in to one of the following Twitch streams:

I expect that I’ll be fixing this issue for a while. I will use UDC’s predictive analysis to run posts on the blog while I’m gone. 

— Dout

Author: UndeniableDramaCodex

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